Knowledge Based Conversational Agent

Create a new internal experience: facilitate the arrival of your employees, offer a concierge service, answer questions quickly.
Productivity gains: team time management is optimized, allowing them to focus on higher value-added tasks. The over-solicited services of recurring questions are freed from the associated stress.
Efficiency: the chatbot becomes a central channel where access to information is facilitated. Available 24h / 7d, any interaction with the chatbot is confidential and allows employees to ask their questions without taboos. Questions not supported by the latter can be handled by a dedicated team, ensured of a rise in skills.

Commitment: The implementation of a chatbot is used to develop an innovative corporate image, reinforcing the employer brand internally and externally. The level of quality of the service also makes it possible to increase the overall satisfaction of the employees and ultimately their retention.

Increase the productivity of employees and support teams

Facilitate and speed up internal processes

Access to all internal information about the company

Unload support teams from recurring issues

Frequently asked questions

Ticket Opening Assistance

Questionnaires and surveys

Entering notes

Put in contact

Internal directory

Localization of documents

Information on Human Resources

Information for all employees


Automated customer support / answers