Who we are

Innovention is a company in the field of Artificial Intelligence; which has developed for 10 years, an intelligent virtual consultant. Olivia web is able to interact online and in a human way with customers, to help them in their purchasing decisions.

It’s like a counsellor, but virtual. This counsellor is also able to offer excellent customer service by answering the majority of the questions asked. The more information you give to your chatbot, the more it will be able to answer accurately.

We stand out from the competition with a unique Generation 3 chatbot service.

Innovention combines invention and innovation, mainly in the field of neural networks and artificial intelligence.

What we do

We create intelligent chatbots or conversational agents, scalable and multi-platform.

Let your bot fully embody your business by giving it a personality that reflects your business.

His speech can easily evolve: the addition and creation of new dialogue scenarios does not require any technical knowledge. You will be able to model your conversational agent in the image of your brand.

Users will be charmed and the customer relationship and customer experience will be even better.

Our virtual conversational agents will allow your users and customers to get the desired information, while creating a more natural interaction that mimics real people. This will help you get to know your products, services, and business better. Increase customer satisfaction, collect e-mail addresses, sell, manage complaints, reduce costs and increase the ability to engage your users and customers.

Whether you want to think about a bot project for your business, use an already designed chatbot, study the possibilities of brand presence on Facebook Messenger, or create a bot from scratch, Innovention is the right provider for you.

What makes us different from others

The chatbot we create for you will stand out by going beyond a simple answer menu choice or a redirection to a real person (email or phone).

Our conversational agent will answer questions from your customers or employees, related to your business context, in an interactive conversation tinged with humanity.

Simply complete a form and provide us with the 50 most frequently asked questions from your customers, and we’ll do the rest! To fill out the questionnaire click here !

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you within 24 hours.