Choose your type of conversational agent

Sales Conversational Agent

Do not miss any more opportunity to sell ! Thanks to the virtual agent that is available 24h/24, 7 days/7 !

Conversational Customer Support Agent

Have a virtual agent able to answer the majority of your customers’ questions while handling complaints!

Knowledge Based Conversational Agent

Your employees will only have to ask the virtual agent to find the internal information they are looking for.

Conversational Agent for Smart Cities

Offer the people or visitors of your city the answers to all their questions!

Caracteristics of our AI

OLIVIA: Optimal Live Interactive Voice Intelligent Assistant

Artificial Intelligence at the service of companies !!

OLIVIA is a virtual person i.e. real conversation, used as a unique sales and marketing tool, capable of doubling line sales. ! In addition to doing the customer service that can answer the majority of questions asked: company, products, services, related information, etc.

10 years of Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence.

Optimized Artificial Intelligence, with deep searching

Advanced NLP & NLU: Natural Language Processing & Understanding

NLC: Natural Language Conversation.

Unique and Context-Oriented Algorithm

Code of Ethics of the Virtual Dialogue Agent - OLIVIA

Simultaneous treatments of 25+ unique conversations at the same time!

On-line conversations available: 24/7 365 years: French, English, Spanish

Knowledge base for all employees!

Recovers 75% of online purchases lost in the evening or at night due to a lack of staff.

Replaces your advisors in full or during breaks and dinner.

Answer questions in less than 15 seconds.

Interactive conversations.