Bring prestige back to your customer service

Imagine your customer service capable of responding

in 5 seconds

We offer an Artificial Intelligence based solution to; fight labor shortage and make your customers happier.

We have created Olivia – a human-like intelligent digital assistant, better then a ‘chatbot’.

Free your employees from repetitive questions

Increase retention, conversion and satisfaction rates.

Ensure quick turnarount with 24/7 quality answers

Olivia uses artificial intelligence

specifically automatic natural language processing and natural language understanding – to understand and answer questions asked by your users and customers.

Better customer satisfaction


Win over your customers by providing fast and accurate answers.

24/7 Availability


Provide your customers with relevant answers at any time. Deliver a consistent, satisfying experience that represents your brand, regardless of the time.

Lower costs


Free your employees from recurring and tedious tasks by automating all repetitive questions and save many man-hours

Increase your customer retention


A successful customer experience ensures better customer retention and higher revenues.

Continuous improvement


Olivia is constantly learning and becoming a better assistant.
There is also a ‘mentoring’ or ‘coaching’ option! So you can also teach Olivia as if she is a real person!

Type of agent available for you:

Sales Conversational Agent

Do not miss any more opportunity to sell ! Thanks to the virtual agent that is available 24h/24, 7 days/7 !

Conversational Customer Support Agent

Have a virtual agent able to answer the majority of your customers’ questions while handling complaints!

Knowledge Based Conversational Agent

Your employees will only have to ask the virtual agent to find the internal information they are looking for.

Conversational Agent for Smart Cities

Offer the people or visitors of your city the answers to all their questions!