Artificial Intelligence and Business Optimization

Artificial Intelligence and Business Optimization

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used by companies to facilitate and optimize diverse operations, from data flow management to trend forecasting. It also provides new business opportunities in many other sectors.

You can use conversational artificial intelligence robot technologies provided by Innovention, to:


Dialogue Engine Features


Improve customer service – Using virtual chatbots to provide real-time support to users (for example: online purchases or in response to questions from your customers or employees.)

Information Management – Internal Knowledge Base – Using conversational robots to provide internal information for your employees: A conversational robot can provide you with answers and/or or direct you to the right place where the information you are looking for is located.

Context management – Taking the context of the enterprise or organization to better understand the user’s question and to providing answers that are focusing on the appropriate context environment.

Understand the Intent – More than just knowing or being trigged by the intents, the robot does understand the intent and adapt accordingly.

Predict user behavior – Using algorithms to analyze patterns of online behavior in order, to tailor product offerings, or target appropriate advertisements.

Predict performance – Apply artificial intelligence to forecast performance goals such as response time for support calls.

Influence customers – By suggesting products or services that relate to their inquiries or needs.

Build customer loyalty – A conversational robot will track your customer’s preferences and behavior to suggest products or services.

New training aid – Your conversational robot is able to be trained by an authorized person within your organization, and simultaneously answer questions asked in real time.

Code of Ethics – You are always in control of what the robot would say to your users or customers. The information and answers provided will be the one you are allowing the robot to say.

Live Chat – A real person could always jump in the conversation to more specifically address your users or customers question, for an enhanced experience.


Management Engine Features


Automatic complaint management – Receiving complaints from your customers and redirecting them to your automatic customer support management system.

Calendar management – Automatic appointment booking by a conversational robot which consults your agenda and schedules and books meetings according to your availabilities.

Manage and analyze your data – AI can help you interpret and use your data more efficiently to provide meaningful insights related to your brand, staff and customers by monitoring their preferences and trends.


Other types of technologies that can benefit from advances in Artificial Intelligence


Automate workloads – Collect and analyze data from smart sensors, or use machine learning (ML) algorithms to categorize work, automatically route service requests, etc.

Optimize logistics – Use AI-based image recognition tools to monitor and optimize your infrastructure, plan transport routes, and more.

Increase manufacturing output and efficiency – Automate the production chain by incorporating industrial robots into your workflow and teaching them to perform demanding or undesirable routine tasks (or if you are short of manpower).

Prevent breakdowns – Use fault detection techniques to identify patterns that could disrupt your business, such as a computer crash. Specific AI software can also help you detect and deter security breaches.

Improve your marketing and advertising – Effectively track user behavior and automate many common marketing tasks.


Here are also other examples of the use of artificial intelligence in business


Depending on the type of artificial intelligence technology (applied or generalized), smart programs can also perform:

Specific individual tasks, such as medical diagnosis, electronic commerce, robot control, etc.

Complex cognitive tasks based on their understanding of how certain things work (for example, language or behavior)


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