Sales Conversational Agent

Offer a digital experience similar to an online advice, since Facebook Messenger, it is possible! Indeed, our smartbot will allow your customers to discover your products and get personalized recommendations.
After a few questions, your client has no secrets for you. It only remains for your smartbot to offer the right products and advices.

Useful for :

Sales services

Marketing services

Caracteristics :

Recommendations on products related to purchases or customer research

Inform your customers of new products, services or promotions.

Increase the productivity of your real agents: Free up the time your agents have to spend on more complex sales and loyalty surveys.

Encourage customers to buy by convincing words and sellers.

Shorten the purchase tunnel and finalize the order more quickly

Take care of making appointments if necessary.

Propose products in relation to the filters used to be in total alignment with the customer's needs.

Provide follow-up after purchase (option in progress)

Access to information is simplified, the workplace becomes intelligent, and employees assisted in their tasks become augmented employees.